Miguel A. Suarez,

About MAS Melons

MAS Melons and Grapes was founded on August 14th, 1997 by Miguel A. Suarez, a distributor from Nogales, Arizona, along with Alberto Vanegas, Carlos Terminel, Alfonso Ruy Sanchez and Rodrigo Acuña, who are all growers from Caborca, Sonora, Mexico. The company was created with the vision of establishing a vertically integrated group that would grow and distribute its own products.

Since the beginning, the idea was to create international consumer demand in order to maximize sales which was possible due to the high-quality product standards achieved by our growers. Through the years, the company has developed strong relationships and partnerships with multinational companies located in America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

Increasing demand from Asian clients led to the opening of our first international office in Japan back in 2001. The amount of fruit and vegetable being distributed into Asian markets was increasing every year and a more organized distributing method was an obvious need. As of today, with the help of our salesmen located in Japan, the Japanese branch of MAS Melons and Grapes keeps expanding into even more Asian markets, acquiring vast knowledge and experience in logistics, foreign marketing and international business.


Our Growers

Carlos Terminel and Alberto Vanegas

Alfonso Ruysanchez and Rodrigo Acuña


Today, MAS Melons and Grapes has become a leading, vertically-integrated agribusiness that annually markets more than 3 million boxes of fruit and vegetable out of the best growing regions in Mexico, supported by unparalleled state-of-art equipment to ensure every product delivers in the highest quality possible to every customer around the globe.